All enclosures are designed in-house at NBB. When designing our products, our long-standing employees are careful to ensure that our enclosures meet the most extreme external requirements. We attach great importance to robustness, durability and ergonomics in order to cope with the highly stressful influences.

We are also happy to design customised enclosures, taking your corporate design into account.

As standard, our enclosures are delivered in red with silver insertion plates. We are happy to offer our own colour and design combinations in the following areas:

  • Insert signs: Here we offer you the option of different colours, as well as the integration of your logos and symbols.
  • Enclosure: We are happy to offer you different enclosure colours on request to improve integration of our products into your corporate design.
  • Embossing of the enclosure: Various products (PocketEVO, Nano-media and Nano-magna) from NBB offer you the option to emboss your logo on the enclosure.
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