Project Description

Toggle switch transmitter


The Planar-V4 has a compact design and was specially designed to be carried sideways by the operator. The compact, practical and reliable design thus allows maximum freedom of movement for the user.

  • excellent wearing comfort
  • particularly short charging time thanks to the charger cradle
  • 7-segment display for data feedback
  • optional: Power supply via 3.6V NBB battery
Frequency band (F-Band)433.05 – 434.79 MHz
Frequency band EU (G-Band)863 – 870 MHz
Frequency band USA/CA902 – 928 MHz
Frequency band China418.95 – 419.20 MHz
Frequency band Japan429.25 – 429.7375 MHz
HF power< or = 10 mW
Operating range≤ 300 m
Typical response time of control commands15 ms
Warning time”battery low”15 minutes
Data feedbackoptional
Temperature range-20 °C to +70 °C
Weight320 g
Status display2 x 7-segment functional display (LED)
CE labelyes
IP-Protection ClassIP65
2 x AA Migon
Rechargeable batteryNi-MH / 1 900 mAh / 1,2 V
Battery1,5 V
Operating time40 hours

Data feedback

– Reach
– Transmitting signal strength
– Status of the machine function
– Customer-specific feedback information and logos on request

LBT frequency search

When switching on or switching to another frequency, the system checks whether the frequency channel used is occupied by other transmitters. If this is the case, the next frequency channel is checked until it is ensured that the transmitter can operate without interference. LBT is the abbreviation for ‘Listen before Talk’.

3,6 V NBB battery system with charger

Ni-MH / 750 mAh
Operating time: approx. 40 hours with one battery charge

Practical carrying system

Practical carrying system with stomach and neck strap

Charging cradle for toggle switch transmitter with wall mounting

Practical charging cradle for fast charging. Can be mounted in buildings and vehicles.
(only in combination with AA battery, not possible with 3.6 V battery pack)


The compact design and low weight allow the Planar-V8 to be carried sideways unnoticed. The interface enables the integration of up to 4 toggle switches, 2 potentiometers and a mushroom switch as an EMERGENCY STOP in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1.

The replaceable AA cells used for the power enable maximum performance. Thanks to the charging contacts integrated in the transmitter, they can be charged quickly and easily in the appropriate charging cradle.

On request, you can also use the 3.6V battery developed by NBB for the Planar-V4. This allows the transmitter to operate for up to 40 hours on a single charge.

Optionally, the Planar-V4 can be equipped with LBT (Listen before Talk) technology. This technology ensures that when the transmitter is switched on or when the frequency is changed, a check is made to see whether the selected frequency channel is already occupied by other transmitters. If this is the case, the next channel is checked until it is ensured that the channel is free and the transmitter can operate without interference.



The teach-in function enables an optimized utilization of the joystick movement. By setting the min/max values on the transmitter side, the maximum move of the joystick is optimally utilized. As a result there are no longer any dead joystick motions. Even a minimum deflection of the joystick causes the immediate opening of a valve. [More info]

Multi-user system

The multi-user system enables radio communication between several transmitters and several receivers. Each transmitter can be optionally operated with several receivers at a workplace and / or vice versa. Provided that this connection is not otherwise used at this moment. [More info]

NBB battery system

Nickel metal hydride batteries (NiMH) have a high energy density. The contacts have a self-cleaning design. The NBB battery pack is charged with a high charge current with a NBB charger. This quick charge is thermally controlled to optimize recharging and prevent overcharging. [More info]


The safety risk is significantly reduced using the RADIOKEY. Here a defined range is available for the crane or machine operator in which the remote control system can be activated. As a result, unwitting or inadvertent activation of the transmitter is excluded and the receiver is not sent any control information. [More info]

LBT frequency search

When switching on or when switching the frequency, a check is carried out to determine whether the used frequency channel is reserved by another transmitter. If this is the case, the next frequency channel is checked until it is ensured that the transmitter can operate without disturbance. LBT is shortcut for Listen before Talk. [More info]

Data reporting

Visual representation of Operating Range, Transmission signal strength, Status of the machine function and Customer-specific information as well as logos supplemented by acoustic feedback (buzzer can be activated). [More info]




Suction and flushing vehicles

Winches / winches / forestry winches