The continuous development of technological refinements is the decisive factor for the product and system safety of radio remote controls. It often makes the difference when it comes to stability under the most adverse conditions.

NBB Controls + Components GmbH, as a manufacturer of radio remote controls for industry, is one of the leading innovators in the industry. For us, innovation goes hand in hand with long proven experience. This enables us to always offer reliable system solutions.


The Surface Mounted Joysticks are integrated into the housings of our transmitters without a housing opening. As joysticks are among the wearing parts under certain conditions, NBB’s SMJ technology offers you the possibility of changing a joystick on site. The housing does not have to be opened for this purpose, so that no protective measures against contamination have to be taken. [More Info]


The Surface Mounted Push-Buttons (SMP) are form-fit integrated into the PocketEvo series housings. In the event of service, the operator can easily replace a broken button himself on site. The housing does not have to be opened for this purpose, so no protective measures against soiling need to be taken. [More info]

Proximity Detection

The Radio Distance Guard detects within a radius of 6 metres when the operator approaches the machine. Depending on the zone he is in or the distance to the machine, the machine control is changed or stopped immediately in case of danger to the operator. [More info]


The “Teach-In” function allows optimum use of the joystick travel. By setting the min/max values on the transmitter side, the available path of the joystick is optimally used. This means that there are no more dead travel of the joystick. Even a minimal deflection of the joystick has an immediate effect. [More Info]

Multi-user system

The multi-user system enables radio communication between several transmitters and receivers. Each transmitter can optionally work with several receivers at one workstation and/or vice versa. Provided that the selected connection is not being used for other purposes at that moment. [More Info]

NBB battery system

The nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries from NBB have a high energy density and self-cleaning contacts. With an NBB charger, the battery packs are charged at a high charge current. This rapid charge is thermally controlled to optimise recharging and prevent overcharging. [More Info]


The RADIOKEY provides the crane or machine operator with a defined area in which he or she can activate the radio remote control. Unconscious or erroneous activation of the transmitter is thus excluded and no control information is transmitted to the receiver. This significantly reduces the safety risk. [More Info]

LBT frequency search

LBT is the abbreviation for ‘Listen before Talk’. When the transmitter is switched on or when the frequency is changed, a check is made to see whether the frequency channel used is occupied by other transmitters. If this is the case, the next frequency channel is automatically checked until it is ensured that the transmitter can operate without interference. [More Info]

Data feedback

On all our channels various information can be displayed visually: Transmission signal strength, machine function status or customer-specific information and logos. These can also be supplemented by acoustic feedback signals (buzzer can be activated). [More Info]


If transmitters are to be used in potentially explosive environments, appropriate technical precautions must be taken. The Planar-B1 and -B2 EX transmitters have been specially developed and certified for such applications. [More Info]

Inclination sensor

The built-in tilt sensor detects when the machine or the operator tipping over and stopping the machine. If desired, a different machine behaviour can also be defined. [More Info]