Project Description


MS-A2, two-axis with dead man’s button

The MS-A2 joystick, two-axis, with integrated dead man’s button is characterized by its small, handy, compact and robust design.
The industrial joystick is particularly suitable for machines, robots, orthopedic devices, etc.

  • Protection class IP65
  • Bearing arrangement via elastomer joint
  • Double seal – still water and dust tight even if the bellows is damaged
  • Safety through separate direction switches for each direction
  • Potentiomenter control standard
  • Ergonomic control knob
Resistance values5 kW
Resistance tolerance10 %
Middle position± 2°
Medium voltagePermanent imprintable
Resilience5 mW
Max. permissible current draw/grinder0.1 mA
Angle of activation32 ° in all directions
Lifetime/movement > 1 million
Actuating force15 N max.
Impact resistance200 N
Weight 100 g
Contact resistance< 2 kW
ResilienceMax. 5 mW
Recommended termination resistors
(Pull down oder Pull up)
10 – 22 kW
SchutzartIP 65
Temperaturbereich– 20 °C bis +70 °C

Ball joint (without double sealing)