NBB Radio Distance Guard

Safe signals for safe reactions

Remote controlled mowers in particular are often used in a constantly changing environment. Different conditions such as vegetation or unclear terrain without direct visual contact to the machine require the highest attention from the operator to avoid accidents.

NBB’s Radio Distance Guard provides security for such conditions. It “detects” within a radius of 6 metres when the operator approaches the machine. Depending on the zone in which he is in, the machine control is changed by the proximity detection or stopped immediately in case of danger to humans.

Latest technology for faultless operation

A receiver installed on the machine sends signals to the radio remote control, which thus constantly detects the distance from the machine to the operator. The remote control sends this information back to the receiver so that predefined functions can be triggered:

  • In the detection zone, at a safe distance from the machine, any control commands can be given by the radio remote control.
  • The operator is warned when entering the warning zone and the speed of the machine is reduced.
  • The machine stops immediately once the operator enters the danger zone and stays too close to the machine.

The scaling of the zones can be set individually and is stored in the system.

Regardless of weather conditions, the use of several machines in the field or work in shoring, the Radio Distance Guard can be implemented in almost every NBB radio remote control and thus is built-in safety for almost every application.