The continuous development of technological refinements is the decisive factor for the product and system safety of radio remote controls. It often makes the difference when it comes to stability under the most adverse conditions.

NBB Controls + Components GmbH, as a manufacturer of radio remote controls for industry, is one of the leading innovators in the industry. For us, innovation goes hand in hand with long proven experience. This enables us to always offer reliable system solutions.


Surface Mounted Joysticks (SMJ) allow for a defective joystick to be replaced without having to open the transmitter. Joysticks can be replaced directly on-site while the housing remains completely sealed, minimizing the risk of damage or contamination. [More Info]


The Surface Mounted Push-Buttons (SMP) are form-fit integrated into the PocketEvo series housings. In the event of service, the operator can easily replace a broken button himself on site. The housing does not have to be opened for this purpose, so no protective measures against soiling need to be taken. [More Info]

Proximity Detection

The Radio Distance Guard system is designed to automatically disable or stop equipment once the operator enters a defined danger zone around the machine. The Radio Distance Guard safely operates independent of weather conditions and creates a danger zone of approximately 6 meters. [More Info]


The Teach-In adjustment feature allows for customized response for each joystick for optimum safety and performance. Several adjustments can be made to each individual motion such as min/max values and joystick deadband adjustment. [More Info]


Multi-user system

Multi-user-system capabilities allow for radio communications between combinations of transmitters and receivers. One transmitter can work with several receivers, several transmitters can work with one receiver or combinations of transmitters and receivers working together is possible. Failsafe measures can be put in place to ensure only one operator is controlling the machine at any given time. [More Info]

NBB battery system

NBB battery system

NBB rechargeable batteries have a high energy density. NBB chargers use a thermally monitored high current charging cycle that optimizes charging and prevents overcharging. [More Info]


The Radiokey is an RFID device that stores parameters such as the safety code and configuration information. Removing the Radiokey from the original transmitter and inserting it into a replacement transmitter configures the replacement transmitter for immediate use and deactivates the original transmitter. [More Info]

LBT frequency search

With the Listen before Talk (LBT) feature, when the transmitter is switched on or when the frequency is changed, the transmitter checks to see whether the frequency channel is occupied by other RF sources. If the channel is occupied, the next frequency channel is automatically selected and checked until a clear frequency channel is found. [More Info]

Data feedback

Information during operation via an LED or LCD display is possible including signal strength, machine function status or customized customer-specific information and company logos. Feedback alerts via a buzzer are also available. [More Info]


If transmitters are to be used in potentially explosive environments, appropriate technical precautions must be taken. The Planar-B1 and -B2 EX transmitters have been specially developed and certified for such applications. [More Info]

Inclination sensor

Inclination sensor

The built-in tilt sensor can detect when the transmitter exceeds a preset tilt value. This feature can help identify when an operator has fallen and can place a machine in a safe state. This inclination feature can also be programmed to initiate other actions such as an alarm. [More Info]