Being guest at the “GaLaBau” fair in Nuremberg

Once again, Nuremberg will be green when from 14th – 17th September 2016, the GaLaBau – Europe’s most comprehensive survey of products for the design, construction and maintenance of urban, open and green spaces – is taking place.

Among the more than 1,300 exhibitors, NBB Controls + Components GmbH presents a push button transmitter which provides completely new possibilities. Especially in gardening, there are many activities that very physically demanding and dangerous, too.

With the PocketEvo NBB Controls + Components (75248 Ölbronn-Dürrn) presents a new safety radio remote control of a new generation. A robust special housing making sure that the push button transmitter withstand the use under extreme conditions. The integrated, rubber surface in combination with the glass fiber reinforced plastic core offers the necessary protection. All electronic components are protected against extreme mechanical influences from outside.

Safe control: PocketEvo.

The new design of PocketEvo offer maximum functionality such as proportional or stepped keys, but also freely configurable keys. A modular design in three different sizes also offers the possibility to use a 2.3-inch display.

Compact, handy and user-friendly allows the PocketEvo work under complete safety conditions without limitations of engine operation. This is a convenient approach, which focuses on the optimization of human resources, so that risks at work can be reduced, emphasized NBB.

In case of service, the SMP-buttons could be changed on the spot due to the SMP technology (Surface Mounted Push Button) – without opening the case.

(Appeared in the trade journal “Taspo” for the “GaLaBau” trade show)