In order to meet the increasing requirements in potentially explosive atmospheres, we have expanded our product portfolio and are proud of our explosion-proof safety radio remote controls.

Our products meet the highest safety standards and are specially designed for use in potentially explosive gas atmospheres in zones 1 and 2. This makes them particularly suitable for use in offshore areas, for example on oil platforms, where safety is the top priority.

Our explosion-proof product portfolio currently includes the Nano-magna Ex, the Planar-B1 Ex and the Planar-B2 Ex. Each of these models has been carefully developed to ensure optimum performance and the highest safety standards. This makes the Nano-magna Ex, the Planar-B1 Ex and the Planar-B2 Ex the ideal companions for demanding applications where reliability and safety are paramount.

Our explosion-proof radio remote controls not only offer first-class performance, but also user-friendly operation and a robust design that can withstand even the most adverse conditions.

Rely on our many years of experience when it comes to innovative solutions that raise your safety standards to a new level. Contact us today to find out more about our products and customised solutions!