Project Description


Compact-V AC-R10

Medium-sized receiver with 40-250 VAC supply. There are 10 programmable relays and one forced guided emergency stop relay. There are 4 digital inputs for feedback. As interfaces there is a CAN interface and a RS232 interface.

  • Voltage: 40-250 VAC
  • Small, compact and robust housing design
  • Protection class IP65
  • CE
  • Individual solution adaptation according to specification
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Data Sheet
Power supply40-250 VAC
Max. Switching current4 A
Outputs10 relays
Inputs4x digital
Emergency stop relayForcibly managed
AntennaIntegrated or external
Weight1.500 g
InterfaceRS232, 1x CAN-Bus
Outputs4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC
The receiver is also available as an add-on housing



The teach-in function enables an optimized utilization of the joystick movement. By setting the min/max values on the transmitter side, the maximum move of the joystick is optimally utilized. As a result there are no longer any dead joystick motions. Even a minimum deflection of the joystick causes the immediate opening of a valve.


Multi-user system

The multi-user system enables radio communication between several transmitters and several receivers. Each transmitter can be optionally operated with several receivers at a workplace and / or vice versa. Provided that this connection is not otherwise used at this moment.


The safety risk is significantly reduced using the RADIOKEY. Here a defined range is available for the crane or machine operator in which the remote control system can be activated. As a result, unwitting or inadvertent activation of the transmitter is excluded and the receiver is not sent any control information.

Data reporting

Visual representation of Operating Range, Transmission signal strength, Status of the machine function and Customer-specific information as well as logos supplemented by acoustic feedback (buzzer can be activated).