This is NBB Controls + Components GmbH

Everything under one roof

To ensure our high quality standard, all relevant development and production processes are carried out by NBB itself. From the development of circuit boards and software to specially manufactured antennas – we cover a high vertical range of manufacture and can therefore guarantee quality Made in Germany for all parts used in NBB products!

NBB Controls + Components GmbH

Focus on customer benefit

All our new and further developments have a very clear focus: the benefit of NBB customers. We want to help you to be one step ahead of your competitors. NBB has therefore made it its business to make the use of safety radio remote controls more and more reliable, comfortable and economical – all with even greater safety. And always at the cutting edge of technology!

Competence from development and experience

With more than 4 decades of technology and application experience, NBB has a high degree of competence to design and manufacture functionally reliable solutions for even the most complex functions and the most difficult working conditions. We do everything possible to maintain our high quality standards and are always looking for new ways to make further improvements. The basis for our success is not only our highly qualified and motivated employees, but also the above-average effort we put into future-oriented development.

Certified quality made in Germany

NBB has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1995. The basis for all our activities and our success is the quality of our products. To guarantee this quality, all our products are extensively checked and tested before delivery. The production of all mechanical and electrical components is monitored by independent test institutes. After the final assembly a 100 % final inspection is carried out and each system is subjected to a long-term test. Repair equipment also goes through this procedure.

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