Switching from the original transmitter to a replacement transmitter made easy

The specially developed RADIOKEY ensures that various parameters, e.g. coding of the radio remote control, are stored on an RFID tag. This has the decisive advantage that it is very easy to switch from the original transmitter to a replacement transmitter if necessary.
NBB’s transmitters can also be used in particularly harsh environments without any problems. Should a transmitter become damaged, the new device can be connected to the receiver and put into operation in just a few minutes thanks to the integrated radio key. And it’s that easy: The key is removed from the device with the help of a screwdriver Torx T25 and inserted into the new one – your system is ready for operation again and expensive downtimes are avoided.

That’s how it’s done

  1. Use a screwdriver Torx T25 to remove the key from the device
  2. Put the key into the new device
  3. Done! The replacement transmitter is ready to use!
nbb controls pocket device