Project Description

Radio Planar-D1/M2 (R7)

The smallest button transmitter in the NBB portfolio is particularly impressive with its extremely flat design in breast pocket format.

  • Up to 7 functions
  • Extremely flat and light
  • Particularly short charging time thanks to the charging tray
  • 7-segment display for data feedback
TransmitterPlanar D1
Transmitter frequency range433-434 Mhz (32 channels
Data securityAddressing each transmitter by unique bit combination
Data refresh rateApprox. 15 ms
AF ModulationGFSK
ReachUp to 100 m (depending on environment)
Power Supply2.4 V – 2x Mignon 1.2 V rechargeable batteries

3.0 V – 2x 1.5 V batteries

Power consumptionApprox. 60 mA
HF power< 10 mW
IP degree of protectionIP65
Temperature range-20 to + 70 °C
Weight (without battery)150 g
Dimensions (L x W x H)123 x 56 x 37 mm
Power Supply24 V DC
Max. Switching current4A
Outputs7 relays
Emergency stop relayForcibly managed
Security levelEmergency stop output: PL “d
IP degree of protectionIP65
WiringCable with open end
Dimensions(L x W x H): 151 x 113 x 61 mm
Weight800 g
ReceiverCompact-M2 R7
Receiving frequency range433-434 MHz (32 channels)
Data securityAddressing of each receiver by own unique bit combination > 16 million possibilities
  • Planar-D1 transmitter (NBB No.: 10001)
  • Receiver Compact-M2 R7
  • Operating instructions
  • 2 x AA batteries 1.5V
  • Standard symbol sheet
  • Carrying belt
  • 1 antenna

Charging cradle for toggle switch transmitter with wall mounting

Practical charging cradle for fast charging. Can be mounted in buildings and vehicles.
(only in combination with AA battery, not possible with 3.6 V battery pack)

Carrying belt

Practical carrying belt for small hand-held transmitters.

Carrying bag

Practical carrying bag as protection against coarse dirt.


The Planar-D convinves with it’s small and compact design. It can be used for many different fields of application. To offer maximum flexibility the AA- batteries can be exchanged. The Planar-D has charging contacts, that make it possible to charge the batteries with a charging cradle.

Up to 7 functions can be used with this system. A forcibly managed emergency stop relay (EN ISO 13849-1) offers maximum security for the user.



Bridge & gantry cranes

Indoor & overhead cranes



Skip loader

Chipper and Screener

Lighting poles