Project Description

Push button transmitter

PocketEvo® media

The PocketEvo® media belongs to the latest generation of industrial radio remote controls. The second largest model in the series impresses with the variety of functions that can be covered.

  • modular design
  • compact, robust special housing
  • 7-segment display for data feedback
  • Radiokey
  • SMP Technology
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Frequency band (F-Band) 433.05 – 434.79 MHz
Frequency band EU (G-Band) 863 – 870 MHz
Frequency band USA/CA 902 – 928 MHz
Frequency band China 418.95 – 419.20 MHz
Frequency band Japan 429.25 – 429.7375 MHz
HF power < or = 10 mW
Operating range ≤ 300 m
Antenna integrated
Typical response time of control command 15 ms
SMJ-Technology SMP technology (easy key exchange without opening the housing, no protective measures against contamination necessary)
Warning time “battery low” 15 minutes
Data feedback optional
Temperature range -20 °C to +70 °C -20 °C to +70 °C
Dimensions (L x W x H) 285 x 93 x 60 mm 285 x 93 x 60 mm
Weight 660 g 670 g
Status display 2 x 7-segment display (LED) LCD colour display; number of pixels: 320 x 240
CE Marking yes
IP degree of protection IP65
2 x AA Mignon
Rechargeable battery Ni-MH / 1 900 mAh / 1,2 V
Battery 1,5 V
Operating time 35 hours
Temperature measurement for optimal recharging

Data feedback

– Reach
– Transmitting signal strength
– Status of the machine function
– Customer-specific feedback information and logos on request

LBT frequency search

When switching on or switching to another frequency, the system checks whether the frequency channel used is occupied by other transmitters. If this is the case, the next frequency channel is checked until it is ensured that the transmitter can operate without interference. LBT is the abbreviation for ‘Listen before Talk’.

SMP buttons

optionally one-, two- or three-stage
SMP technology: Easy key exchange without opening the housing, no protective measures against contamination necessary.

Rotary switches

Max. two rotary switches and / or optionally also potentiometers etc

Side buttons

left and right one additional button each, for free use

Neck strap for PocketEvo®


Shoulder strap for PocketEvo®


Belly strap for PocketEvo®


Hand strap for PocketEvo®


The 8 buttons of the PocketEvo® media can have 1, 2 or 3 levels as well as stepless and are freely configurable. In the lower area of the radio remote control, up to two additional rotary switches or potentiometers can be integrated. For maximum flexibility, the transmitter has space on the side for one additional button each and can therefore be used to control a wide variety of machines.

All 8 buttons on the PocketEvo® media can be replaced by the operator in just a few minutes thanks to the patented SMP technology. The housing remains closed at all times, so that no protective measures against contamination need to be taken. Changing a transmitter is also really easy thanks to the integrated Radiokey. The key of the old device is simply removed and plugged into the new transmitter – a connection to the receiver is immediately established and the system can be put back into operation. These innovative technologies reduce expensive downtimes to a minimum!

The specially developed special housing of the transmitter offers optimal protection against dirt and shocks. The glass fibre reinforced plastic core protects all electronic components from external mechanical influences. Thanks to the all-round protective rubber coating, any impact or shock is cushioned. This allows the PocketEvo® to be used in particularly harsh environments.

The jury of the Industry Prize was also convinced by the radio remote control, so that they awarded the PocketEvo® the “Industry Prize 2017”. The prize is awarded to particularly progressive industrial products that have a high economic, technological and ecological benefit. The PocketEvo® was awarded the “BEST OF” rating.

Compact, handy and easy to use, the PocketEvo® button transmitter allows you to work in complete safety conditions without reducing the effectiveness of machine operation.


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The Surface Mounted Push-Buttons (SMP) are form-fit integrated into the PocketEvo® series housings. In the event of service, the operator can easily replace a broken button himself on site. The housing does not have to be opened for this purpose, so no protective measures against soiling need to be taken. [More info]

Multi-user system

The multi-user system enables radio communication between several transmitters and several receivers. Each transmitter can be optionally operated with several receivers at a workplace and / or vice versa. Provided that this connection is not otherwise used at this moment.

NBB battery system

Nickel metal hydride batteries (NiMH) have a high energy density. The contacts have a self-cleaning design. The NBB battery pack is charged with a high charge current with a NBB charger. This quick charge is thermally controlled to optimize recharging and prevent overcharging.


The safety risk is significantly reduced using the RADIOKEY. Here a defined range is available for the crane or machine operator in which the remote control system can be activated. As a result, unwitting or inadvertent activation of the transmitter is excluded and the receiver is not sent any control information.

LBT frequency search

When switching on or when switching the frequency, a check is carried out to determine whether the used frequency channel is reserved by another transmitter. If this is the case, the next frequency channel is checked until it is ensured that the transmitter can operate without disturbance. LBT is shortcut for Listen before Talk.

Data reporting

Visual representation of Operating Range, Transmission signal strength, Status of the machine function and Customer-specific information as well as logos supplemented by acoustic feedback (buzzer can be activated).


Boat lifter

Bridge & gantry cranes

Container hoists

Indoor & overhead cranes


Storage systems

Winches / cables