Radio Control Systems for Construction

The conditions on building and civil engineering sites are often extreme.
Excavators, compactors or machines used in tunnel construction technology and equipment must be robust and work reliably. Wireless machine controls from NBB are dust-tight and protected against water. The perfect choice for use under adverse conditions.

More information about our Radio Control Systems for Construction

The building boom in Germany in the 1970/80s made the importance of construction technology clear even then. Thus the construction crane was one of the first applications. To this day, NBB has proven itself with the latest technologies to serve many applications in the construction sector via radio. With now 40 years of experience we are the ideal partner.

With the NBB Basics we offer the radio construction crane as a compact standard solution. Despite the compact design, numerous operating elements can be installed.

The following elements are included in the scope of delivery of the construction crane radio as standard:

  • Nano-minor transmitter (NBB No. 10036)
  • Receiver Compact-V R20 (NBB No. 10037)
  • 2 batteries 7,2 V | 2400 mAh
  • Charger with power supply unit
  • Belly strap
  • 1 antenna

You can find more information about the construction crane radio and NBB Basics here.

In addition to construction cranes, NBB has also specialised in many other applications in civil engineering. This supports the operator in his work with the excavator, loading crane, mixer and many more.

Is your application not included? In addition to standard solutions, NBB also offers a variety of customer-specific solutions. Please contact us directly and let our team of experts advise you.